Geographical Location

The Ucayali River Basin

The Ucayali River and its tributaries, in the department of Ucayali and the province of Ucayali in the department of Loreto, is our ancestral home. Tradtionally, the Konibo lived in the upper region of the river basin, the Shipibo in the middle, and the Xetebo in the lower region.

Nearly all our communities are located within the same geo-political region between 6ºS-10ºS and 74ºW-75ºW, distributed across two Peruvian Departments (Ucayali and Loreto), within four Provinces (Atalaya, Coronel Portillo, Padre Abad, Ucayali), and multiple Districts. Pucallpa, the departmental capitol of Ucayali, is located between 8º21’S-8º26’S, and acts as the modern epicenter of Shipibo-Konibo politics.

There are a few dispersed communities to the south, in the Department Madre de Dios, who were part of the diaspora of many Indigenous Amazonians during the rubber boom at the turn of the 20th century. There is also a community to the north along the Rio Potro that may have had similar origins.