Non Jói Kóshi Ákaibo-‘Those Who Strengthen Our Language’

Non Jói Kóshi Ákaibo—‘Those Who Strengthen Our Language’ began setting the intention and initiating the first steps for this important work in late 2014. In addition to working on our dictionary, the Non Jói Kóshi Ákaibo team also addresses the need for a community-based language assessment and revitalization team. We are focused on understanding the drivers and extent of language shift, while we promote viable and appropriate activities to raise the status of the language and reclaim lost language environments.

Our team includes two Shipibo-Konibo linguists, Jeiser Suarez Maynas (Ranin Koshi) and Professor Elí Sanchez Rodriguez (Pakan Meni), and a growing group of language advocates including bilingual primary and secondary school educators, cultural knowledge holders, and authorities.

The work of Non Jói Kóshi Ákaibo is a shared effort between associates of the Asociación Raíces Indígenas Amazónicas Peruanas-ARIAP and the Asociación Civil Alianza Arkana; both led by Shipibo-Konibo associates and based in our ancestral territory known today as the Ucayali River and many of its tributaries.